Fucker, “I Am A Shitty Bigoted Prick” Carlson

has a lot to gripe about. You see, he’s upset we

Tucker asshole Carlson(Insufferable douche)

in our society are not allowing his ‘intolerance’

“All the talk of tolerance that a lot of us sort of
took at face value in the ‘90s and even in the last
decade — ‘Why can’t all of us get along; you accept
me I’ll accept you’—they didn’t mean it at all…These
are absolutists. These are jihadis…These are people
who want to make you obey…They don’t brook any
opposition to their worldview at all. They’ll crush you”

Boooo hoooo honey. Wipe those ‘bigoted tears’

you little bitch. Yes, you should be scared cause

we ARE coming for you assbag. But we’re using

tolerance as our weapon. See, it’s YOU who seek

to impose YOUR intolerance/discrimination on

others. No, not now not ever. It violates the 14th

Amendment, and society doesn’t have to tolerate

your bigoted hateful discrimination ya FUCKER

Don Beederman(Tucker is Don Beederman)

Talk about irony, and projection. It’s their ‘ideas’

that are exactly like the “Jihadists”. See….”Equal

Protection Under The Law” isn’t debatable, BUT

oh how the bigots will try. Nooooooooooooooope

NOTE: Baseball’s right around the corner so let’s
buckle up for some big fun on both sides of town

Have a day!

5 Responses to ““Fucker” Carlson’s Tears…”

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