It seems Mikey Pence is now in “Holy Shit I

Really Fucked Up So Badly” Mode. It seems

Pence lying badly(“I’m a bigot!”)

he can’t figure out ‘exactly why’ people have

correctly seen His Relgious Freedom Bill as

the “discriminative tool of hate” it overtly is

He will NEVER answer the simple question

of “Will the bill allow discrimination against

gay people?”. He won’t answer, because YES

is the answer making him evil. And make no

mistake the entire bill’s reason for existing’s

saying YES. People want to use their religion

to discriminate. His base loves this bill, BUT

Mike Pence lying again(“I hate gays, so?”)

society hates it. And now so do all business’s

Corporations are fleeing Indiana and so now

Pence is doing the “Bigot Backstroke”. What

will he do? “Fix” the shitty law by putting in

wording taking all the discrimination out of

it rendering it useless. Just scrap the fuckin’

thing. But they won’t because……FreeDumb

I’d say the religious bigotry of the right have

lost their minds, but they never even had em

turdPolishersUnion-426x450(Sad but true)

This law’s not only Unconstitutional(violates

the 14th Amendment Equal Protection) it IS

the final nail in the political party hate coffin

NOTE: Conan O’Brien Nails Em In A Sketch
Hilarious Satire Great Job From The Writers

Have a day!

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