So now Hillary used only one device so she could

“Keep it simple using only one smart phone”. Oh,

Hillary running world(“…off 1 phone”)

well that makes sense. It wouldn’t be a cause to a

problem, if she came out and said, that she used:

“An iPad, Mini-iPad, iPhone, and a Blackberry”

Ooooooooooooops. Look, she clearly should have

used the “governments” email. But come on, NSA

has a record of ‘Everything’ she did, or sent. If we

really want that & we do, get it. The bottom line is

this is a witch hunt by Republican fishing for dirt

when their are many many many other target rich

Hillary Hilarious(Sadly it is!)

things to call her out on: Goldman Sachs ties, and

drooling for a war with Iran being a war hawk. Oh

that’s because the media and Republicans AGREE

with her on Those Issues. Nothing will come from

this. It is a distraction and a non-scandal trying to

muddy her up before 2016. The media will all play

along. Forget she is a shitty legacy candidate with

a middle of the road Republican Lite tag. It is just

the fact she is already a weak choice for the Dems

without all the stupid noise around this “ad seller”

Morning Joke, & FOX Racism

It seems when idiots, want to weigh in on any big

media issues the two best today are Morning Doh!

Joe & Mika idiots(Such jackasses)

and FOX Booze. Joke and the Hot Face said of the

Oklahoma racist frat turds that it’s because of Rap

Music they did it *Rubs hand over forehead often*

Ah yes, remember that Rap song where the rapper

was callin for discrimination against others & then

lynching/hanging/killing em? Oh right me neither

They ‘assumed’ the overtly racist chant the racists

said were rap lyrics. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

Holy shit overtly hateful racist assholes get caught

and their 1st inclination to blame a black rapper?!

JuggBuffoon(We’re trying)

Oh fuck off. Slapping them in the head or face is a

waste of a thoughtful slap. They are not worth any

of it. FOX then when addressing the Ferguson hate

in the Racist E-mails, Megyn Kelly, says this GEM:

“There are very few companies in America…you
won’t find any racist E-mails, any racist comments”

That should be a cause for attention & change, not

fucking dismissal. And NO, not everyone does this

But I’ll bet, if you hack FOX, this shit’s all rampant

NOTE: In A Dark World, A Bright Light Of Hope
NOTE: Will Ferrell Will Play MLB Baseball Today
In All Nine Positions. This WILL Be So Awesome

Have a day!

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