It seems that most Republican’s think Obama doesn’t

“love” America. What does that mean?! Oh, it means

Republicans screw it up(Truth stings)

that Republican’s, have lost their MINDS. Welp, in all

fairness, they didn’t have them to begin with. At least

54% Republicans also think he is secretly still Muslim

It is not just Republican’s, because 10% of Democrats

think so too & 26% of Independents. There’s no fixing

crazy. And currently, the highest box of batshitcrazy is

the entire Republican party today. They pander & they

only appeal to loud, lunatic insane lying racist morons

Til they change their policy or ingredients they die off

NOTE: Papa Bear O’Reilly Is An Angry Bully Lunatic
Monday: Chicago “Cops” Have A Black Ops Site Now

Have a day!

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