Run Off, Uncommon, Dems Derp…

February 25th, 2015

Chicago’s Mayoral election is now officially a run off

Yesterday I was sick as dog. 102 fever & terrible cold

Rahm inches(Not enough ace)

But, work called & I had to edit for a bit so I did. The

reason I tell you that isn’t to brag, but to explain why

I did not post yesterday. I also voted. And you know,

it was not for Rahm. He is simply a right leaning Re-

publican. Guts, & cuts public schools, pensions, and

Social Programs. BUT ups charter schools, and any

thing business break he’ll pull for(tax cuts). Not my

guy. We shall see what is what in the run off in April

Maybe April Fools, & maybe not. Clear message sent

Oscars UnCommonly Great

South Side Native Common, & John Legend decided

to use their awards for social conscience; and, it was

common-and-john-legend-oscar-acceptance-speech_400x295_1(Nailed it!)

perfect. They called on all Americans, to accept OUR

racial/social/sexual rifts and begin working on them

After all “Hope” is what it comes down to. His words:

“This bridge was once a landmark of a divided nation, but
now it’s a symbol for change. The spirit of this bridge transforms
race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and social status.”

It is about time we ALL grow up as a nation, accept it,

and only then can we start to fix our serious problems

For if we don’t it will be the downfall of us all. And it’s

something historically you can take to the damn bank

Dems Didn’t Learn A Fucking Thing…

Remember when Republican’s did a post mortem on

the 2012 elections? Yeah, they found out they needed

DNC(D is for Derp!)

to appeal to minorities, women, gays and immigrants

Then they said “Well, fuck em, we’ll still run the same

policies”. It seems the Democrats now are doing THE

EXACT SAME STUPID SHIT. Their post mortem, for

the most part was “Hey, let’s get Southern white votes

now”, but intend to CHANGE policies. Their idea was

to “go father right”! WTF?!?!?! That is why they LOST

in the mid-terms. Between taking a “real” Republican

or a fake one, they’ll take the real one very damn time

Did not learn a SINGLE thing. They better learn, fast

NOTE: Crazy Republican, thinks that religious folks
can legally let their children “die” because…freedom

Have a day!

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