Oscar The Slouch…

February 23rd, 2015

The Oscars happened last night. What a fun ride

Arquette having to say equal pay in 2015 is gross

And as usual, right on que, FOX Noise flipped out

Oscar faces(Wait, what?!?)

We should already be there. And, NPH “Doogie”

did a sold opening, then many jokes feel like the

chest of 11 year old Asian girl…flat. Meh, it was a

fun night. The stage was one of the best I’ve ever

seen in my life, and “Melanie Griffith”, had more

plastic surgery than a burn unit victim. So boobs

were popping out of dresses and breasts were as

Funny-Celebrity-Reactions-Oscars-2015(Yes it is)

well. ZING! Sorry so short today taking my mom

to the ‘Hospital’. That happens, when parents get

older and it will happen to me as well. Such is life

Tomorrow: Chicago Mayoral Elections Coverage

Have a day!

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