UK Soccer Fans Racism…

February 19th, 2015

What if I told you Chelsea fans decided to shout

stupid racist chants, & shoved a Black man off a

Shoving off train(WTF?!?!)

train not letting him on? Yes, sadly these stories

are far too common these days. They shoved the

man off a Paris train, then began chanting THIS

“We’re racist, we’re racist & that’s the way we like it!”

It was all captured on video , & makes me mouth

puke. Naturally when busted what do ALL racists

do?!?! Lie, lie, lie, lie some more, & then lie. They

said, “Oh no we were singing about Blues captain

John Terry”(Who was fined for being racist). Um

no fucking way. They chanted they were RACIST!

Racist chants(KKKlassy)

Pretty fucking clear. So it seems the French police

are going after these idiots HARD. If found guilty,

they could face up to 3 years in prison, & a fine of

$69,400. Also a ban to travel to soccer games. So

this is where I disagree. The assholes who shoved

him, yes. The others are just racist pricks. You can

not punish people who are racist dicks to jail time

This is where I believe in freedom of speech. They

have the ‘Freedom to yell horrific racist shit. NOW

they don’t have a right to “keep their jobs” or avoid

d2b673e7e37cd090aea503d87bef51c4(Point it out!)

having all of society properly label them as hateful

racist pricks who should be looked down upon and

shunned. Always shine a light on it, don’t just jail it

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Have a day!

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