It seems you can’t go a day without having some idiot

bigoted Republican, saying something SO very stupid

Obama funny bit Bush(Yes, we know)

Mississippi Republican state rep Gene Alday decided

to “explain” his position on cutting education funding

“I come from a town, where all the blacks are getting food
stamps & what I call welfare crazy checks. They don’t work”

Oh he’s not done there. As all racists you know aren’t

“I liked to died. I laid in there for hours because they
(the blacks) were in there being treated for gunshots”

Now, what does every racist say?! You took me out of

context. Ahem ALL your fucking words are in context

It’s just when overtly racist xenophobic people HEAR

the worlds back to them through a non-partisan filter

n-GENE-ALDAY-large(“I’m racist All-day”)

They think, “I didn’t really say that”. Yes, he did, and

even more telling is this MEGA gem comments of his

“I am definitely not a racist, at all”. Perhaps Gene is a

victim of poor eduction fundin’ because he said racist

shit but doesn’t seem to understand what words mean

The problem isn’t that we didn’t understand you hate

and racist positions/views. It’s that we loudly heard it

Do Democrats say stupid shit!?! But of course they do

And they’re called out for it every time here. BUT and

635596185137121132-john-moore-and-gene-alday(Shine a light!)

I type this for all . When it comes to racist, & insanely

hateful comments. The Republicans win 10 to 1 EASY

Wish is weren’t the case but water is wet and grass is

green. It is what it is & expect more coming very soon

NOTE: Hope your Presidents Day kicked ass! Mine
did. If they would just change a few letters, it could
be called “Presents Day”. I am not sayin’, just sayin’
NOTE II: The ‘Republicans’ want another Shutdown

Have a day!

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