Belittled Dig League…

February 12th, 2015

Jackie Robinson West was stripped of the Little League

World Series title. It seems, they “brought in” kids from

JRW celebrates(How sad)

other districts then fudged the legal lines they could use

This is such a terribly Sad Day. As usual, all the fucking

“Adults” ruined a great game for kids. It was the district

guy Michael Kelly(district 4 administrator) & the team’s

manager, Darold Butler, who both got Fired/Suspended

Classic, Two Moron Adults, now smeared the actions of

good kids. The adults don’t really pay, we forget about it

But not these poor kids. They Did break the rules, & the

rules must always be followed. Period. Well, the asshole

JRW at the White House(Did go to the White House)

“adults” did, & the poor kids suffered. They didn’t know

Meh one thing for sure it doesn’t take anything from the

great accomplishments. But, the two adults should both

be publicly blasted. What a terrible “life lesson” to show

the kids. What sad, tiny, little nothin’ losers. And, in the

end, it only hurts the poor kids; so hold your heads high

Tomorrow: Jon Stewart will be “stepping down” soon

Have a day!

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