ISIS Assholes, & Foot-Loser…

February 9th, 2015

What a collection of jackasses. Evil, luddite violent

religious extremist assholes. “Beheading” people in

Loser point(To you ISIS!)

cages?!?!?! Come on you loser idiot assholes. What

a collection of ass backwards “Fundie Fatwa fucks”

The rest of the sane ‘Muslim world’, of which there

are 1.5 BILLION, will not put up with this evil shit!

In fact, Jordan decided “Welp, enough with all this

evil public killings for religious reasons shit” and so

they bombed the crap out them. Even, placing texts

on the bombs to explain they’ll ALL be “eliminated”

isis-jordan-boms-isis(Suck it!)

I say good! Finally. Take care of your fundie pricks

Now, maybe us in here in America can try doing the

same ensuring people who want in enact their sects

religious doctrine into law get bitch slapped as well

Suckabees Shawn Moore Impression

Remember Footloose? Well Republican “Bigot boy”

Mike Suckabee sure does. In fact, he has channeled

Footloose preacher(No dancing!)

Reverend Shawn Moore character by sayin dancing

“sure won’t help your christian life” and then added

“People…..would just not be able to respect a person

who attended dances”. Now in all fairness…..he was

only 17 when he said this. Which makes it worse but

this isn’t a big deal. It just tells you what someone’ll

do IF they get power. Oppress your hot dancing ass

And what was the name of his Christian Group?!?!?

huckabee1(“I’m a hypocrite!”)

“The Rapture Express”. It’s the religious version of

“The Saved Soul Train” with prayer. Minus dancing

At 17 I was rubbing 1 out in a fucking dirty gym sock

Mike has done worse things than this, focus on those

Super Fun Thing Today: These Two Owls Of Dance
NOTE: Republican Aaron Shock Violated The Rules

Have a day!

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