And So…It Begins

November 25th, 2014

The verdict came out, as I told you before, I knew

EXACTLY what was going to happen. But how?!?

Main title(Bad call)

Well, read yesterdays post. You don’t “prep” for a

tornado, if there isn’t one coming or is in the area

Let’s unpack this sad, evil, disgusting shit. Darren

Wilson’s “story” to the Grand Jury files in the face

of reality so many times, I thought I was listening

to a fucking ‘Mad Libs’ story as if it were now fact

1st he said “Brown started swinging and punching

at me from outside the vehicle”. Forget that’s just

Ferguson-No-Charges(We know)

impossible from a rational standpoint; & then it’s

simply insane. Wilson claims Brown said this bs:

“You are too much of an (Expletive) to shoot me”

Are you fucking kidding me?!? What black kid is

ever known to scream at a cop with a fucking gun

“I dare you to shoot me pussy”. I’m sure there are

cases, but the people are totally nuts. Brown was

not. If he was being attacked & punched so badly

Darren Wilson punch(WTF?!?!?)

by brown from INSIDE his car?!?! Why not speed

away, step on the gas or use literally one of 7 other

options? Cause it never happened. How can a guy

be BOTH the aggressor, & then run away?!?!?!?!?

If he’s as dangerous as Wilson claims call for back

up. Nothing he said is remotely accurate that ALL

the eye witness’s said. NOT ONE!!!!!! His story is

pure fiction, & institutional racism lies. How can

someone be “running away” & “running towards”

Ferguson nuts(Fucked up)

at the same time ALL with their fucking hands up

They can not. The story would not appease a deaf

blind, drunk. Yet it stood. Loudly insane, & shitty

The “reaction” to the verdict bothered me greater

Rioting, looting, bricks, & violence won’t solve it

Only peaceful protest. And the morons, looters &

violent actions have all damaged the very idea of

progress. It is gross,and unacceptable. The entire

problem is that we get no “justice without peace”

We just get racists, with the ability to kill….again

Have a day!

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