Uber Fucked Up…

November 20th, 2014

Full disclosure, I used Uber, and love it. That

said, this here is ‘very’ fucked up. The CEO of

Uber Unfair(Uber Screwed now!)

Uber’s now usin’ private information to target

journalists for…being honest. Prominent tech

writer Sarah Lacy, reported on the company’s

sexist practices at PandoDaily. For doing that,

Josh Moyer, the general manager for Uber Ny

was waiting for her saying, “There you are!!!!!

(Holding his iphone) I was tracking you”. Wtf

The “Creepy as all shit” policed called and the

guy was enemy #1. Then the CEO and founder

Travis Kalanick suggested Uber handle media:

Uber CEO Travis(Uber asshole!)

That would pay “a million dollars” to hire four

top opposition researchers and four journalists

That team will help Uber fight back against the

press-they’d look into your personal lives, your

family & give media a taste of its own medicine

So…I guess getting a lift from Lyft’s better than

Uber lifting your entire life/privacy; ooooooops

Have a day!

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