The Baby Badass!

November 14th, 2014

The toughest baby elephant you might ever see

was caught on video fighting off 14 lions & lived

524elephlion32(Oh noooooo!)

Yes you read the last part right. Lived! The little

Elephant didn’t give up. Didn’t stop, & the BEST

part; in the end charged THEM. Don’t ever give

up. Never, never, never do it. You can overcome

Poor little fella, he got separated from his heard

And that’s when a cats attacked him jumping on

Baby-elephant-takes-on-14-lions(“You want tusk?”)

his back. But cats hate water and that saved him

Go rock your weekends everyone, where ever u r

NOTE: I do not normally post politics on Friday,
but my brothers “Charlie Rose” interview to me
was the best I’ve ‘seen’ on the subject; and not
just because he’s my brother; the content’s tops

Have a weekend!

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