Remember Ebola?!?!

November 12th, 2014

That was so two weeks ago am I right?!?!? The

total number of American’s with Ebola is…zero

Great Ebola joke(We know)

What’ll FOX do now to scare the village idiots?

Oh, they have a deep bench: killer immigrants,

Mexican illegals going house to house, or even

“The Blacks” are movin’ 2 YOUR neighborhood

You read it here 1st as you always do. It wasn’t

the “Panic” 24/7 cable news “Freak outs” about

shit they do not understand. The morons with a

Bio-Hazard suit smearing chocolate on them as

if it was feces. The entire Republican party fears

of shit they know less than nothing about & also

Long holds up a copy of a magazine with an Ebola headline as public health officials testify before a House Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee hearing on the U.S. response to the Ebola crisis, in Washington(Fear cholesterol ace)

Ex-Democrat Mark Pryor not knowing anything

The problems with Corporate Run Media is that:

they’re all factually lacking and ALL batshitcrazy

They won’t report facts, nonpartisan statistics or

anything found in reality. It is all fear, ignorance,

& opinion. Then you mix that with people totally

ignoring history, economics, science, & all reality

BINGO! You get cable news. Where chest puffing

opinion magically equals facts. Ah, no. You idiots

ebola-cnn(Not “news”)

just created an environment to dull your audience

serving your corporate masters all for; ad revenue

And the effects of the viewers being ill informed is

ASStounding!!! Guess I shouldn’t be mad, after all,

it is why people read me. I should really thank you

Anyone else notice all that “Ebola Fear” left media

right after the Mid-Terms?!?!?!? Yeah, me neither

NOTE: My brother Dan was on Morning Joe Blow
NOTE II: D-Mary Landrieu Is A Lying Fraud Prick
She will try to pass the Keystone XL big oil welfare

Have a day!

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