Republican’s just will never reason, present policy,

or compromise, period. It’s like screamin’ children

republican-obstructiuoin(Will continue)

bathing in their own feces yelling, “Look, it’s gold!”

So former majority leader Eric Cantor just yelled it

FOX’s Eric “Bolling 4 Morons”, took it even farther

“This is not a time for compromise”. You never did

Republican’s simply don’t live in reality; they never

will. It is like the Joker blaming Batman for making

him a soullessly, sadistic sociopath burning it down

None of this is fucking news. It is what they’ve been

doing for the last 8 years. The Democrats, & Obama

have compromised at every turn. The Republican’s?


Not ONCE. Nothing. Zipo. In fact, basic reality tells

us they tanked our US economy, started “two wars”

puttin’ it on credit card, obstructed Obama at every

turn(Even for the shit they usually liked), set a new

record for filibusters in US history going 50 to 1 and

then shut down the government, costing $24 billion

Aside from that they tried to repeal “obamacare” 54

times, not even understanding, Obama still has Veto

Ignored jobs, cut aid, blocked immigration, & stalled

They were “REWARDED” for that Joker-like behavior

And show no signs of changin’. Now, Obama has not

krugman-obstructionism(Truth stings)

been the left leaning progressive President that folks

elected, & the Democrats have folded like Superman

on laundry day, been pussies, & still play far 2 many

political games(See, Landreau/Pryor/etc., tabling ALL

immigration, until after the election, to bash Obama)

So the voters just handed the keys to our kingdom to

the joker. Don’t be stunned when he burns it all down

Afterall Nick Loris from the super right wing Heritage

Foundation just said: “It’s going to be a full-on attack”

I sadly, quote Alfred from The Dark Knight right here:

Cruz watch the world burn(Bingo)

They burnt it down to the ground & yelled, “He did it”

The voters in this Mid-Term voted for W Bush 01′-08′

Happy veterans day 2014! Our respect n love for your

service will always be there. Your honor’s always here

NOTE: NYC Sub-way Slap That Is So Well Deserved
NOTE II: Right Wing Lunatics Attack Wrong Person

Have a day!

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