TeaOP vs GOP Uncivil War 4.0

November 6th, 2014

Now comes the fun part. The TeaOP must actually

govern. Do not expect any of it what-so-ever and it

tea-party-diversity_600(Such diversity!)

will get worse as the ‘Turd Cruz’s’ and Joni Ernst’s

want to “sue Obama” for being black & from Kenya

You can only obstruct, hate & shut the government

as a “leadership tactic” for so long. Well you finally

have over 50 seats in the US Senate, and what will

they do with it. They will shit the bed. They are all

pretending that before election night the entire US

was ruined, now it’s saved. Um, no. It was heading

Chris_McDaniel(Not him, but a Confederate won)

in the right direction, they just wanted the ‘power’

to claim “No WE all did it, not the black guy”. Um,

what planet do these people live on?!?!?!? A magic

“cloud man” tells them what to do, ignores facts, &

does not understand history, economics, or reality

Hey my elephants, you just ‘forgot’. It’s YOUR shit

now, so don’t expect anything to get better for you

Have a day!

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