It was a political back alley beating that was so

well deserved; and the entire Democratic party


is to “blame”. Yes, they all ran campaigns in all

Southern Strategy states. Yes they ALL figured

running  their campaigns as “Republican Lite”

You literally had every Democrat, running as a

“moderate Republican” against a “farther right”

Republican wonderin’ why you fucking lost? Ya

crazy turds. If you don’t run as a Democrat you

can’t WIN as one. You lose to a real Republican

grandpa-simpson(That GOP doesn’t exist)

Look, I posted it here yesterday. The odds were

simply ‘mathematical reality’. They held true &

The R’s took back the Senate. BUT it’s the exact

same, bullshit gridlock that’s always been going

on the past 6 years. And they hold 52 seats to do

it. Congratulations voters, you ‘fixed’ nothing, &

just ensured crazier Republicans running to the

right of these nut bags. This will be a last “Sugar

Two Chics(TeaOP voter)

High” for the TeaOP Republicans in its existence

This was the highest paid mid-term at $4 billion

Until $ is out of politics you get shit like this year

And, here is some of that batshit bang for your $

Quinn’s Sour Grapes

Patty Quinn, lost in the Gov’s race to Republican

He lost 51% to 45% with 90% of all votes counted

Pat Quinn asshole(“I’m a baby”)

But cry baby Quinn still won’t “concede”. What a

fucking baby. It would be like, some ass who lost

in a basketball game, not accepting a scoreboard

I didn’t vote for Bruce. He is a business man who

will simply cut taxes, gut education and all social

programs. That is my guess, because, he said HE

would. Well, he’s OUR governor now, so let us all

see. The job is his now and if he doesn’t bring the

Sour grapes(Quinn’s motto)

economy around just doing what he said he would

The next 4 years are going to be tough on ol Bruce

I’m hoping he is the real deal. We shall see but the

votes have all been counted n Democrats got killed

And, R-Bob Beauprez, did a ‘nice’ Quinn impression

But don’t be shocked when you get the government

you voted for. After all, it’s exactly what ya ordered

“If it’s a choice between a genuine Republican,
& a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people
will choose the genuine article, every time” – Harry Truman

NOTE: Newly elected Joni Ernst(Palin Jr) and she
hated how Obama failed n wasn’t leading on Ebola,
but clearly doesn’t understand only 1 person had it
Ya voted a dangerously stupid person in, &’ll suffer

Have a day!

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