Election “Erection” Day!

November 4th, 2014

The idea that national media know anything about

the Mid-Terms is pretty funny. The “chance” of the

Mid-Terms banner(Bring it!)

GOP taking control of the Senate is 76.2% but the

Democrats have a solid ‘ground game’ which helps

Math doesn’t lie, facts do not lie & reality is what it

is. IF the voters stay home, GOP wins. If the voters

‘turn out’ the Democratic party holds control of the

Senate. If they don’t, the TeaOP will have a big nite

No one who’s a partisan fuckhole will tell ya this, &

THAT is disgusting. It is not about party it is about

Voting faults(Truth)

reality & policy. Your vote matters. The key races to

watch are D-Shaheen vs R-Brown. If Brown wins, it

will be a death night for the Democrats; but if Nunn

& Grimes win, they will have “kept the Senate”. So it

all comes down to 5 or 6 seats. If you “forced me” to

predict it, I will say this: If voter turn out’s high then

Democrats hold it. If low, they lose it. Tune in, to see

it all. But before ya doing anything vote, vote, VOTE!

elections(Yes, I did)

I will say this: trying to suppress votes, stop voting or

making laws against voting doesn’t seem confident to

me. Seems ‘desperate’ for a demographically ill group

Buckle up America, this will be one wild exiting night

Have an election day!

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