Mid-Term Madness, VOTE!

November 3rd, 2014

All the lies, all the bullshit political ads, all the games

are over. Now it comes down to one thing & one thing

vote(Do it!)

only. Voter turn out. If it as bad as it was in 2010 ALL

the Republican lunatic, bigoted & homophobic reality

/facts/science deniers will win. If turn out’s high then

that always ‘historically favors’ the Democratic people

All the nut articles, of Republican’s claiming that Nate

Silver called the Senate for them was bluster and LIES

Like all the “jabbering morons” on Fox claiming a Mitt

Landslide. Shit they’d reject “gravity” itself even as it is

GOP Hero's hate(They won’t)

happening right to them at the moment they’re denyin’

it. Nate S., also has it as a direct toss up still from 2013

If you don’t rally every voter, caste every vote, then yes

they can & will win it. It’s really all up to YOU, and ME

That is the “greatest thing”, about our electoral system

Republican’s want you to stay home pretending BOTH

sides are the same. No, they are not remotely the same

And they hope you are not paying attention. Their only

GOP trashed economy(1 gone)

goal in power?! Use the same policy as Sam Brownback

Tax cuts for the top 1% gut all social programs and take

their state into “debt”, laughing, as they hand more $ to

their wealthy friends. It’s up to US. What will we do?!?!

Turn out the vote to everyone. Early & often. Buckle up

NOTE: We had Nik Wallenda high wire act here, in CHI
And it was amazing. Until, I found out religious conman
Joel Osteen decided to co-opt it for a sick sad plug. Boo!
NOTEII: D-Mary Landreau Simply Just Tells The Truth

Have a day!

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