Grimey Debate…

October 14th, 2014

Mitch “The Turtle” Bitch McConnell tried to demand Grimes

vote on ‘Obama’. It did not work. And for the great people of

grimes_mcconnell-620x412(“It’s on Mitchy!”)

Kentucky it didn’t either. Mitch is playing politics, not policy

THAT is the headline here. In the debate. they spoke of coal,

jobs & the minimum wage. Mitch doesn’t WANT to talk bout

that at all. It kill him politically so it’s time for games. Well?!

Kentucky is done with games. They must elect someone who

will actually govern. And Mitch has a proven track record of

never doing that unless it’s for the top 1%, or ALL his donors

Mitch-McConnell-e1367267439472(“Want a creepy beer?!?!”)

Back from Florida after a great weekend with my family. And

it’s great to be back baby. Especially after a big Bears WIN!!!!

NOTE: Judge Poser Does It Again, With Evil Voter ID Laws
NOTE II: Cornel West Arrested For Peaceful Protest. WTF?!

Have a day!

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