What insurance do you get when going on Real Time?!?!

A duck’s voice formerly by Gilbert Godfry. It seems, Ben

Aflac Funny duck(Quack-Fleck)

could have used that insurance. Batman Ben was on last

Friday, & it was a heated discussion with Maher and this

author named Sam Harris on the topic of Islam/Muslims

This is unpacking a nuanced argument, that is being over

generalized by “thoughtful people”, who are simply being

intellectually lazy. ‘Extremists’ from any religion or crazy

ideology are bad. Let’s all agree to that up front. Now Bill

wants to go on, & say something that’s statistically untrue

Real Time full panel(Sausage fest)

“Let’s get down to who has the right answer here. A billion
people you say, all these billion people don’t hold ANY of
these prin…..(Then he is interrupted by Ben at this point)”

Ben: “A billion five or something like that”

Bill: “Don’t hold these “pernicious beliefs” (Terrorism)?!?

(Cross talk)

Ben: “No, they don’t”

Bill: “That’s just not true Ben. That’s just NOT true”

You basically have the ideas of Pam Geller’s point of view

being espoused by both Bill and Sam; & they’re not done:

“Just imagine some concentric circles here. In the center
you have Jihadist’s. These are people who wake up in the
morning wanting to kill apostates, wanting to die trying,
they believe in paradise, they all believe in this ehhhhh…”

Ben: “Horrible bad people”

Sam: “Outside of them we have Islamist’s; these are people
who are just as convinced of martyrdom, paradise, and eh,
wanting to ‘foist’ their religion on the rest of humanity, but
they want to work within the system, & they’re not going to
“blow themselves up on a bus”, and they all want to change
governments, they want to use Democracy against itself…..
That…those 2 circles arguably are 20% of the Muslim world”

Ben: “What are you basing that research on?!?!”

Sam: “A bunch of poll results that we can talk about…”

real-time-bill-maher Steele(Oh shit)

WHAT exact poll results? His ASS. It was totally made up

Their was also a pew poll, where they asked Muslim areas

“Do you support a Death Penalty for leaving Islam”? Well

the results were NOT what Maher said. The fact, that 6 of

them, were over 53% bothers the fuck out of me. But OUT

of 20 Islamic counties, 14 are 38% or way lower at 2%. So

the vast majority are NOT extremist. Religious extremism

of ANY flavor is the issue here, and generalizing one while

ignoring all others is SO very short sited. It’s also ignorant

Supreme Court Tells Bigots To Go Blow

The Supreme Court has rejected to hear anti-gay marriage

appeals from 5 states(Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia &

Gay Marriage pic(Nice)

Wisconsin). This is pretty much the final dick kick for ALL

those trying to impose their bigotry on society. The reason

they will not hear them is because the legal counsel has no

valid counter argument. And the conservative judges don’t

want to have to be on record publicly agreeing w/defendin

the indefensible. It would be like being on the record sayin

“I agree, inter-racial marriage is icky & ruins society”. Um,

they want NO part of that. SO, it is not over yet but almost

Now from the right wing hate chamber…the butthurt flows

Note: FOX’s Bolling “ Idiot Bully” Copying Jeff Foxworthy

Have a day!

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