The Supreme Court recently decided that “corporations” can all impose

their religious views on all employees *Record Scratch* Wait?!? What?!

(Yes Ruth, we know)

There’s the main issue. If someone’s “religious freedom” is to now deny

others their personal freedom, we have a logic problem. What if a ‘boss’

has anti-abortion religious beliefs? They could “fire” employees who had

an abortion claiming “religious freedom”. So the “Supreme Court” really

fucked this up badly. It is not because it’s something I “personally” want

politically. I’m explaining the realworld issues this ruling can now create

When you begin to understand the theocrats view, it is one of total utter

domination, bigotry, all mixed with unfettered fascism. It’s 0 tolerance,

“My way or the highway” bullshit. You know, the stuff our Constitution

is supposed to protect us from. I guess the Supreme Court didn’t read it

The big irony here: “Religious people hate abortions, but clearly can not

(New Robes)

grasp that birth control prevents unwanted pregnancies”. They’ll cut off

their nose to spite their faces. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s desent was spot on

And we all know the core of Hobby Lobby is their deeply held “religious

beliefs” right? No, wrong. Their 401K’s INVEST in all these birth control

company’s and company’s who create pills ‘commonly used in abortions’

This is “comical lunacy”, that ends up hurting 100’s of 1,000’s of citizens

NOTE: USA lost to Belgium 2-1. Would of been worse if not for Howard

Have a day!

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