Wow!! The Batshitcrazy Mobile known as the Republican party

today have lost their ever loving minds; wait they never really

(We know)

had them to begin with so it’s moot. It seems, John “Tan Man”

Boehner isn’t hating Obama enough so might lose his speaker-

ship. Now it’s on to “Oh, how about we just sue the black guy?”

Honestly, the assholes who elected these evil vile gutter snipes

are just as bad as them. Bohner Balls, is suing over, “Executive

Orders”. He thinks Obama has done far too many which means

he did one which is “too many” to him. So, forget that ‘W. Bush’

did 291. And forget St. Reagan did 381. And, forget that Obama

(What a dick)

has only enacted 180 as of right today (which is literally only 14

more than HW. Bush’s 166 in his 1 term as president). All these

evil, partisan, racist, lying, “do-nothing”, totally corrupt fuckers

have finally reached rock bottom. They can’t win elections, they

cant govern if they do by some sheer accident, & now they want

to take any tiny shred of decency, & piss then shit directly on it!

The Republican party is not just dead with a toe tag. It is buried

under 6 feet of dirt screaming, “Who shut off all the lights?!?!?!”

It is like a football team, losing 78-10, putting in a ‘drunk’ QB to

(We know)

throw a meaningless Hail Mary pass & shoots his crotch instead

Then at the end of the game they all scream, “See, we won it!!!!”

Now “Executive Orders” have existed since Washington, & every

president has done them. What makes this president different?!

I can’t seem to figure it out. But Bohners bigoted based sure did!

And this ‘Long slide down the political toilet’ is SO well deserved

Tomorrow: Should We Use Babies To Fight The War On Terror

Have a day!

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