Republican Darrell Issa-Hole knows only two things: IRS scandal, and

Benghazi. He’s the leading idiot tasked to “Figure out a political way to

(We know)

pin something on Obama to smear him”. Facts, reality, or any evidence

are not important at all. Shit, there are already 3 things you CAN smear

him for: Gitmo, NSA, & the VA. But ohhhhh no. See, they WANT Gitmo

open, NSA spying, & don’t want anyone to know they always seek to cut

all VA benefits after they started the fucking war. So the next best thing

is lets “make a bunch of bullshit up”. They STILL go after “Lois Lerner”

now on fishing trip #12. So…….Issa claims, “I believe that Lois Lerner is

hiding something”. Yes, that the IRS has “shitty, low funded IT servers”

Some e-mails off a :C drive were lost. Forget this was in 2011 before the

(The Lying Shit Show)

panels even existed. If this is a conspiracy it’s the worst fuckin’ one eva!

Republicans today refuse to govern so they only have Three Modes now

1) Conspiracy, 2) Obstruct, & 3) ‘Name Calling’ With Political Red Meat

This lying partisan Shit Show is being paid for by US. It’s fucking gross!

This’ll end the sleazy career of former ‘fire starter’ Darrell “hot car” Issa

Start Crying Over Spilled Tea

It seems, the lowest IQ state, just sent a bigass message to the entire US

politically. Tea Time is officially over. Uber Right-wing Republican NUT

(It’s spelled L-O-S-E-R)

Chris “I like racists & Theocrat’s campaign for me” McDaniels LOST last

night 51% to 49% in the Mississippi run off election for Senate. Ooooops

The “Tea” will not be following this Mid-term election season. And, here

is the most alarming fact. It was ‘Black Democrats’ who decided the Out-

come of the race. The quote “Black turnout broke prior records for those

precincts” speaks volumes here. VOTE! And they can’t hold power again

Unless you sit on your hands, don’t pay attention to facts & apathetically

out of it; then you get W. Bush or WORSE. Shit like Bachman/Palin/Mitt

(“I’m old!”)

The demographic seeds for this defeat were sowed long ago, the statistics

are simply now self evident. Don’t expect the American Taliban to accept

it. They’ll just scream “McDaniels wasn’t Conservative ENOUGH damnit”

Remember, VOTE!! You hold power, & those in power don’t want you too

Note: Garry Oldman Goes Off The Rails On PC Racism & Misses It All
Note II: George Lucas Decides, “Chicago” For Star His Wars Museum!

Tomorrow: Republican’s Devolve Into Utter Lunacy In Suing Obama

Have a day!

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