Today, the far right wing has nothing valid policy wise to

offer the American public. They have no ‘rational laws’ to

(Berg-hazi now)

enact that help a majority of American citizens. They will

only offer three things: 1) Bullshit Political Lies to divide,

2) Obstruction to all rational social & economic progress,

3) Blame everyone else but themselves 4 enacting 1 & 2

It’s a simple “Stupid” cocktail recipe really. And now it is

ousted “Republican House Majority Leader” Eric Cantor is

out, gone, toast, DOA, see you later, Gandhi, laters. And,

the guy who won looks “just exactly like him”. Dave Brat

is his name (yes, that’s really his fucking name). He was,

(Who’s who!?!?)

the Tea Party offering, & he crushed him by 11 points all

while his pollsters had Cantor with a 28-62% lead!!!! But

how did that happen. Pretty fucking simple, Republicans

do not believe in math, accurate polling data, or “reality”

Why start now? Remember “Mitt in a landslide!!!!!”? Well

the world does. They simply reject anything not found in

their bubble. It costs them daily & dearly. The joy here is

now all Tea Nuts will lose in the general election because

they’re not electable. With every Tea Party win, they kill

(Hurray for stupid!)

their party much faster. It is something to see. Speaking

of lunatics totally detached from reality, we got this Alex

Jones thing pretending to be a real person. They are not

much more than an 1850’s snake oil salesman. The ‘big’

difference is snake oil salesman didn’t demand you take

up arms against a government, & incite ‘radical violence’

Captain Shit-stain decided to call the Vegas shooting this

past weekend a “False Flag”. To Jonesy anyone who acts

on his irrational, ‘Armed Liberty’ views doesn’t exist. Oh,

I guess he has no audience then. He’s nothing more than

(Mr. Moron)

the lunatic ravings of lying prick stoking morons, racists,

& violent armed anti-government idiots. I won’t mention

him here again, until he takes his own life…in his bunker,

as all his imaginary black helicopters spin around his big,

bloated corpse. He will have done the world a “big favor”

He & others on the right making $ of this have the blood

Have a day!

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