The left today can be accused of capitulation, cowardice, &

duplicity in allowing children to rule us, & lobbyists to win

(We know)

But the “crazies”, the nutters, & conspiracy wacko’s, aren’t

on the left today. Sure you see a few “Eco-terroristsy” guys

but the vast majority, or say 99.9% all are on the right now

Finally figured out, why. When you don’t live in reality, then

you tend to reject history, economics, statistics, science, or

literally anything proven to exist on our dimensional plane

in favor of ‘outright insane lies’. You know, ‘Conspiracy BS’

These people all tend to, “go with their gut” no matter that

(“I’m winning!”)

it has proven them wrong time, after time, after time. That

isn’t important & won’t deter the mentally insane. They opt

for the Matrix, every time. They take the red pill, and wash

it down with a warm glass of piss, being told it’s ‘lemonade’

They say that, “Ignorance is bliss”. The right looks far from

blissful today. They are mental patients on the wrong meds

No matter, reality always has this “nasty” way of being true

Funny/Sad: Loser fugly white trash stripper “Racist Slurs”

Have a day!

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