The father of sad slain victim Christopher Martinez said

(“Do your jobs!”)

this eye opening heartfelt statement the other day on TV

“Don’t call me and tell me you are
sorry about my son’s death. I don’t
wanna hear it from you!!!!!! I don’t
want to hear that you’re sorry about
my son’s death I don’t care if you’re
sorry about my son’s death….You go
back to Congress & go do something,
& you come back to me, and tell me
you’ve done something, then I will
be interested in talking to you…….”

Thank you Richard Martinez, thanks for all your sanity

Bam! There is a father who knows something about our

government. No one wants to take away guns, it’s just a

straw man. Always has been, always will be. If wanting

to have mentally ill people not have easy access to guns

is wrong, I don’t want to be right. See, it is rational and

much needed gun reform that NRA lobby’ll never, ever

(NRA Jesus!)

allow. Selling guns to ‘insane people’ makes them big $

and stopping that cuts into their profits. WTF?!?!?!?!?

Their conclusion is “$ is more important that lives!!!!”

No, it’s not. “Reasonable” gun control everyone agrees

with. The crazy people don’t, because their on ‘the list’

Note: My brother Dan, is coming out with a New Book

called “Why We Lost – A Generals Account Of The Iraq

And Afghanistan Wars”. Go pick it up today if you like!

Have a day!

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