Hope you all had an awesome Memorial Day! You readers

are political junkies thoughtful members of society & such

(No boycott?!?)

sharp, intelligent people. You know, the direct opposite of

‘most’ political people in office today. It is ALL way too sad

So now let’s all play ‘Benghazi Bingo’. This is now our 12th

hearing on it since Republican’s have “no policy” to govern

on, it is the usual bullshit witch hunt fishing trips on our $

Well, the Democratic leadership(so funny) decided to now

play along with this insanity because they must “fight for a

fair hearing & process”. Ahhhh yes, like the LAST 12 which

were lower level farces with nothing valid coming from em

(Republican’s today)

I understand their political motives with, “If it’s only them,

they will change what people said, lie, & abuse the process”

*Cough* THEY ALREADY DO THAT NOW!!!!!! This is insanity

If you keep playing the games of hateful little children, then

wonder why nothing gets done. Look in the mirror. This IS

NOT to be taken seriously. Entertaining it is SO disgusting

Evil Sociopathic Elliot Rodger Entitlement

You’ve heard of the “big shooting”, killing 7 people, this past

weekend by now I am sure. Elliot Rodger went on a shooting

(Such sadness)

spree because women rejected him. The son of a wealthy LA

director of photography(Hunger Games) was a self-loathing,

reality free, deranged sociopath filled w/misogyny & revenge

This is horrific, evil, ignorant, detached, & most importantly

evil. ‘Sex’ is not a “right”, or for people to love you or be with

you isn’t your right. This self-entitled “little fuck” is EXACTLY

what’s wrong in society. Cause of his fathers accrued wealth,

he felt he didn’t havta earn intimacy, love, sex, relationships

The only tiny light of hope in all this “evil” was shown by the

father of Christopher Ross Michael-Martinez, who was killed

He was angry, honest, raw, & refreshingly totally on point in

(Victim Veronica Weiss)

his comments:”Chris DIED because of craven, irresponsible

politicians, & the NRA. They talk about gun rights, but what

about Chris’s right to live?!?”. Indeed, the voice of reason in

a mad, sad, gross world. If no-one listens to him, it’s at their

own peril, & ignorance. People can change these things fast!

I will not be showing a photo of the killers face. They earned

nothing in this act of hate. They’ll be forgotten but not all the

victims; so hug your kids a little extra today because you can

Tomorrow: It Seems That Mark Cuban Says, “I’m A Bigot!!!”

Have a day!

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