Republican Ted Yoho thinks only people with property

(<bigot idiot)

should be able to vote in America. My my how exciting!

“I’ve had some radical ideas about voting and
it is probably not a good time to tell them, but
you used to have to be a property owner to vote”

*The crowd of older white octogenarians all applauded*

Wow, sooooooooo classy. These insane loser assbags do

not get it. Why not just scream, “We hate it, when them

minorities vote. Let’s get them to knock that shit off!!!!”

This is the final leg standing in a rotten, rotted out, old,

filthy party of hate. It gets “worse” for them. There’s no

“rehab”. Priebus already said, the “House stands as it is”

(their voters)

No, the voting populis sees it for what it is, a condemned

building getting as many idiots inside before its collapse

Mid-Term Erections

You got a stiffy yet?!?!? Yeah, me neither. I’m just trying

to get into ‘July’. It seems this past Tuesday, we saw that

(No shit)

the establishment GOP is beating the TeaOP badly these

days. The big problem for Republican’s is their own wars

in their own party. They keep splitting voters votes. They

also are, spending tons of $ on these primaries. They are

facing off internally draining themselves. It is all moot if

Democratic voters stay home. They must ‘rally’, & fire up

the base to vote like crazy. This Mid-Term is either a big

death blow to the Republican party, or ‘life support time’


It seems right now people only care about the “summer”

Watch come August, things will heat up when all people

SEE what they’re choices are. Kinda bad Vs. Totally bad

The TeaOP, which is over, has pulled the party to ‘death’

Tomorrow: Should Priceless Violins Be Used As Oars

Have a day!

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