Elisabeth Hasselbeck knows parents. In fact, she knows

everything, just ask her, & she will yell until all the color


bars appear or the FOX signal is lost. But when it comes

to “pot” she knows less than nothing. She had on former

NFL linebacker for the Pats Shawn Stuckey to talk about

the NFL’s new weed policy to lesson their strict penalties

Lizzy McWired asked this question hoping to get a “nod”

“So, why — I think parents would be concerned that this
is something that is opening up in the NFL. No?!?!?!?!?”

Now, in usual FOX fashion, if you state something that is

true, honest, or non-partisanly focused, they cut you OFF


His response was cogent, sound, & reflected all of reality:

“The NFL changing its policy towards marijuana would not
influence these teenagers. If the NFL were to immediate ban
the use of all alcohol for all the football players you wouldn’t
find a widespread cessation of alcohol use among teenagers”

Game, set, match. Her response was dear in the headlights

and to quickly end the segment. Why? There’s no response

Republican-Common Core Will “Make Kids Gay”

Florida Republican State Representative Charles Van Zant

thinks the Federal educational Standards called, “Common

(“Gay kids!!!”)

Core” will make kids, “As homosexual as they possibly can”

Oh, really Captain Batshitcrazy Man. Tell me more ya turd:

“I’m sorry to report that to you…I really hate to
believe that news…………but you need to know”

Do we, do we really?!?!? This guy isn’t some right wing hate

pundit. They are a fucking “ELECTED OFFICIAL” for shits

sake. Maybe he’s gay, because he really likes to pull shit out

of ass. They hate all things Obama so much, they will “make

shit up” because they don’t actually understand any of it all

They think Obama=bad so tell our base it makes them ‘gay’

(“I’m dumb”)

What total sad crazy people. They think reality is now some

conspiracy & nut lies are reality. They’re in the looking glass

Tomorrow: What Tuesday Republican Primaries Told Us

Have a day!

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