10 to 30 million “Patriots” decided to march on DC this

past weekend to “take back” their country. In fact, these


are the ‘Cliven Bundy’ “Merica” & “Freedom” lovers who

guaranteed a minimum of 10 million people would show

up to this “Proud Patriotic Pissed-Off Fest”. Gee how did

that go?!?!? According to Right Wing Watch, a little over

100 ‘showed up’. Only 9,999,893 short. Missed it by that

much *points to the Grand Canyon* They could not even

get the National Anthem right. It started out as America

(Tea Party)

the beautiful. It was a collection of: loud, stupid, hateful,

older, Neo-Confederate racists, at odds with reality, how

expected. Operation American Idiot was like a “wet fart”

on the clean white undies of our lives. It’s a shit stain for

sure but comes out after one simple washing. What turds

This wasn’t a “Rally”, or a “Revolution”. It was a loud cry

for help. Perhaps instead of this, get the right Xanax mix

Mitch The “Turtle Taint” McConnell

It seems Republican Senate Minority leader, doesn’t care

(Fired in ’14)

we have lobbyists who bribe them for their votes. He says

“What are they afraid of?!? Do they have that little
faith in the judgment of the people we represent?”

Ah yes, won’t someone think of the billionaires you do the

biding for? Wow there’s having no shame, being ‘oblivious’

to shame, then this. See the Democrats are tying to use the

Senate to attack ‘Citizens United’ & campaign finance laws

It’s a band-aid on severed fingers. Yet Mitch only can serve

the top 1% Billionaires, & is complaining about it. SO gross

(“This much of an asshole”)

While the Democrats so suck from time to time, ALL of the

Republican’s offer nothing you want. Unless you are the 1%

Only Billionaires, racists and crazy’s vote Republican today

Tomorrow: Hasselbeck’s Terrible Segment On Legal Weed

Have a day!

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