So, the governors race consisted of a cowboy, a curmudgeon, a biker &

a “normal guy”. If by “normal”, you meant someone who isn’t clinically


insane. I can’t write a sketch this funny. Republican reality is way more

‘goofy’. I give ya, the perfect preview for the Republican 2016 primaries

One of my favorite quotes was from the “biker guy” who decided to say:

“I’m about as politically correct as your proverbial
turd in a punch-bowl…………..and I’m proud of it.”

But they weren’t done there. No way, no how. When asked about taxes:

“You go in there & you use spiritual warfare. Everybody talks
about the natural, but I’m going to talk about the other realm
we exist in. Buying those evil spirits that are behind the feds
with the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus, the power of the
Holy Spirit, the power of agreement, the word of God. Take
air superiority & then roll in with your tanks on the ground”

I quote the little kid after his trip to the dentist: “Is this real life?!?!?!?!”

Yes, sadly it is and we haven’t even hit rock bottom. But we’re not there

just yet. It will get worse, with even louder, dumber, more hateful idiots

(dial fast!)

parading all their “shitty, insanely hateful sad views” around, until their

entire is party is one big-ass SNL sketch. Honestly, we are already there

Thanks for all the laughs, but we need real people to govern not morons

Let The Right Wing Butthurt Flow

It was just a kiss. You see em everyday. On the street, on TV, or even in

movies. But the gay Sam’s kiss really badly fucked with bigots this time

(“I iz winning!”)

A Dallas talk show lady decided to let her “big ass bigot banner” fly free

She walked off the set because her old, lost, ignorant views didn’t have

a place in today’s society. In fact, that is how you ‘know’ when someone

lost in a battle of ideas. They walk away, cause they have no more ideas

Well, when right wingers dig a hole deep, they never stop. China is now

approaching fast. Now they dig 3X’s harder thinkin more digging helps

Amy Kushnir went on FOX to explain ESPN’s overt “Left Wing Agenda”

(“I, moron”)

What I’ve realized is THIS: “Left Wing”, “Democratic”, or “Progressive”

views are really just “reality”, “facts” & “normal social progress”. These

are the same racists/idiots/haters who ‘loved segregation’, no women’s

voting rights, or never allowing interracial marriage. Meh……sad day for

those hateful, sad, tiny Turds. They lost badly, & want to make it worse

Tomorrow: McConnell Admits His Bribes & Operation American Turd

Have a day!

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