Democratic Douche, & Tea Toast

February 24th, 2014

Ah Texas, everything’s bigger there. Including all the assholes!

Well, count Democratic candidate Lloyd Oliver in that “group”

(“I ate Stacy Keech”)

He thinks “domestic violence” is prosecuted too much. And it’s

part of some couples sexual foreplay. WTF?!?!?! Forget that he

has the worst county for ‘domestic violence’ in almost all of TX

What massive bag O douche. This guy is ‘chunky turd surprise’

You might want to run yourself if you’re stuck in his district, so

go do it now. After all, you can’t be worse than this lying assfart

unless you’re Rick Perry or some other right wing fascist nutter

The guy might even get elected, because shit, it’s fucking Texas

Meh, I don’t know what they have in the water there, but it’s so

dumb it makes everyone else magically lose IQ points like coins

falling through a kids jeans with holes in the pockets. Oooooops

(Add Llyod)

A modern bigot ass who lived at “Ni**erhead Ranch” is in office

Texas, you’re free to secede anytime. But Mexico doesn’t want u

either. But make sure to leave Dallas, Houston, & Austin. Cool?

Tea Party’s Over

“Lazy Louie Gohomert” thinks there is a “war on the Tea Party”

He might have mistaken Tea Party with, “idiots rejecting facts”

(idiots yell)

They’re now doing what every political party almost dead does

Splitting the already shrinking vote. The ‘biggest’ enemy of the

Republican party today is facts, reality, economics, & the damn

internet. It does more everyday to prove these “Insane knuckle

dragging bigots” wrong. If they had their way, they’d ban ‘facts’

or try to control reality itself. They’re like a “dog humping a big

dog bed tryin to get it pregnant”. Wondering why they “always”

fail. Meh, the entire Republican party today looks like a “drunk

flight crew” trying to take off. It ends with a crash, & the people

hurt. It’s all over but the tears. Turn the lights off when u leave

(stay classy TP)

Then again you don’t believe in electricity, climate science, gps,

economics, history, eco-conservation, facts or anything else set

in reality. It must be hard waking up every day having to ‘lie’ to

yourself just to get though the day. Now you know what grifters,

lawyers, crooked cops, racists, con men, and killers have to do!

RIP Harold Ramis. The Comedian, director, actor & Chicagoan

Tomorrow: Uganda Steps Up It’s Homosexual Hate Agenda

Have a day!

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