Insane In The Ukraine, & Dunn

February 20th, 2014

A lot of shit is going down…people’s throats at any local fastfood

joint now a days. I “kid”, but this is actually very fucking serious

(holy shit batman!)

In Kyiv, Ukraine massive anti-government violence has erupted,

causing ’25 deaths’. Protestors clashed with police in front of the

Post Office. Normally in front of our city post office I am mailing

a package or letter to nana or Skylar. Police used stun grenades &

fired water cannons. This is worst violence in the 3 months of the

protests. This boiling into a “civil war” that must cool down NOW

This ALL stems down to a battle between governing like Russia or

the West. The protestors(young internet savvy people) choose the

West. Neither side will compromise. Huh, sounds like “Congress”

(don’t throw that)

Think of it like this: citizens are sorta like ‘customers’ to a country

And if you ‘customers’ are throwing rocks & lighting shit on fire…

they might have “issues” with the way you’re governing. I suggest

you fucking listen to them. Bust president Weird Al Yanukovych

issued his own statement which seems defiant, & was a “suck it”:

“I again call on the leaders of the opposition to draw a boundary
between themselves & radical forces which are provoking bloodshed
& clashes with the security services. If they don’t want to leave [the
square] – they should acknowledge that they are supporting radicals.
Then the conversation with them will already be of a different kind.”

See, when you scream, “I want to divide & conquer you” that’s not

compromise. But then again, now they got the TeaOP form of that

“Do just what I say, or you are all with them & I’ll kill you”. Not to

pick sides here, but protestors may have a ‘point’ from dudes reply

He’s Dunn, Toast, Over, Finished

The ‘face of hate’ is talked about a lot here. It’s sad, odd, & in need

of serious address. So 47 year old Michael Dunn decided to shoot &

(oh fuck off)

kill a 17 year old kid. He was waiting at a gas station for his wife to

come out, when he did not like the volume of music coming from a

SUV next to him. You know, like EVERY fucking gas station in the

country. After some ‘words were exchanged’, Dunn decided to pull

out his gun, & opened fire into the SUV. He shot & killed the 17 old,

& was still firing as they peeled away. He and his wife then went to

a motel, not the cops. He was promptly arrested. He then, decided

to lie several times claiming “They had a gun”, “Were playing thug

music”, & finally before he shot, “you can’t talk back to me!!!!!!!!!”

(sure you’re not)

There was no gun, nothing found, no big threat. But he STILL shot

Now CNN tapes he claimed to be the “victim”, & said the worst shit

ever by stating, “I’m the fucking victim here, I was the one who was

victimized,” adding, “I’m the victor, but I was the victim too”. WTF

If you support this man or agree with his views. You are a sad sick

SOB. You’re also in need of mental help as a ‘serious social danger’

He was convicted on the ‘attempted murder’ charges for firing into

an occupied car. But there was no verdict on the “murder charges”

He has known racist phone calls from jail; his intentions were clear

Tomorrow: Republican Senator Throws 4 Year Old Daughter

Have a day!

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