Incognito Finally Demasked…

February 18th, 2014

Bitchie Incognito, the Dolphins offensive linemen who is accused of

massive harassment against fellow lineman Jonathan Martin is Doa

(“anyone seen my career?”)

A report from team owner Stephen Ross and investigator Ted Wells

clearly stated there was this ”Pattern Of Harassment” committed by

Incognito & teammates John Jerry and Mike Pouncey that extended

to two Dolphins linemen & an assistant trainer. All targets of vicious

taunts & racist insults. It seems when the loud bigoted bully is pined

he decides to start bullying ‘everyone’. He even tried to bully the guy

investigating (Ted Wells). Um, I’m no big genius, but if you’re being

accused of bullying & harassment. You do not want to bully & harass

(“I abuse you”)

the guy finding out if you’ve been “bullying & harassing” others. No

Best was a tweet to Martin of ”The truth is going to bury you & your

entire camp. You could have told the truth the entire time”. Ah yes,

now comes the bigot “Projection”. He is just talking to himself here

Then what does the hateful bully do when confronted with reality?!

“Shut down” his twitter feed to avoid it. He “opened it up again” on

Monday apologizing saying he acted like “a big baby”. Boy, he does

not get it. His apology is as shallow as a kiddie pool, and is about as

(yes, it did)

meaningful as a guy saying he’ll stop textin so much to you in a text

THIS is what’s known as tone deaf, lost, clueless, & forever stupid:

”I would like to send Jonathan my apologies as well. Until someone
tells me different you are still my brother. No hard feelings :)”

AFTER you trash the man, his entire family, his life, & everyone in

a locker room who doesn’t agree with your “bigot bullying”? Ah, no

“No hard feelings” is when you beat someone badly in checkers, not

when you’ve made other people’s lives a living hell, then ‘lied’ about

it all for 5 months because you’re a ‘man child insane douche fucker’

(true from Deadspin)

But to all those “reactionary morons” spewing hate & coming to the

defense of Bitchie; you saw yourself in him, that’s why you did. You

saw a “bigoted bully”, just like YOU. If he goes down, well, then you

can go down too & that will not stand. No, it did. Change or you will

most likely meet the exact same “fate”. And the world will be better

Have a day!

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