Presidents Day, Schmesidents Day! “Hopefully” you have the

day off. If not…..just “Fake” working at your desk all day long


When it comes to ignorance & hate, simply find a Republican

They will gladly prove to you the level of their hate & soulless

depravity. A Republican lead state House in Idaho, & Kansas

has decided to try an enact a “Gay Jim Crow” law so they can

all be discriminated against. Stay ‘bigoted & classy’ you fucks

In the name of “religious liberty”, they were seeking to enact:

-any individual, group, or private business to refuse to serve gay
couples if it would be contrary to their long held religious beliefs”

-Employers can fire gay employees on account of their sexuality

(yeah, likely)

-Stores may deny gay people goods & services because they’re gay

-Hotels can eject gay couples or deny them entry in the first place.

-Businesses that provide public accommodations—movie theaters,
restaurants—can turn away gay couples at the door. And if a couple
sues for discrimination; they’re forced to pay opponent’s legal fees

My oh my, such a charming style of “super bigot” they’re now

cranking out in Kansas these days. So not to be outdone at all,

Republican Lynn Luker decided to fire this “pre-emptive” gem

-any nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters & police officers can’t
have his or her license revoked by a government agency/board for
“declining to provide any service violating their religious beliefs.”

Yes, read that again, slowly. Cops don’t have to protect you, and

teachers don’t have to teach you, doctors don’t have to treat you


and firemen don’t have to put out your “flaming home” if ur gay

You thick as fuck morons are predators not prey. And sadly the

entire lot of them are a filthy little bobby pin. Nasty little pricks

Neither passed, & even some on the right found sanity; but you

understand the majority of, “Republican’s whole platform” now

Pernicious Plutocrat Perkins

It seems that top 2% Tom Perkins needs more power and money,

He even decided to publicly state this ‘horrific pile of insane shit’:

“The Tom Perkins system is: You do not get to vote unless you pay a $
of taxes……….but what I really think is, it should be like a corporation.
You pay a million dollars in taxes, you get a million votes. How’s that?”

He puts the “ass” in classy. With all his wealth, he never tripped

over a history book. This ends badly for him *cough* Remember

the French Revolution. Don’t lose your head there “Tommy Boy”

It’s not that your wealthy. It’s that you’re an evil sociopathic ass

hole mocking the poor. See, historically society looks down on it

And your time with us is short lived, then you die. ‘Tick tock’ ace

Tomorrow: Minimum Wage Center Stage w/Republican Rage

Have a day!

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