Happy BS Hallmark Holiday!

February 14th, 2014

Happy *insert commercial holiday here*. Well, today is a

Happy Valentines day. Which beats Happy Facepunching

(Ahem, this is fact)

day. That day sucks, I can tell you that much. Well, love is

not in the air politically speaking. Cheating turds get none

Ex-democratic Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin is finally

convicted of bribery & fraud. He “funneled money”, well it

was actually in “granite” to his son’s company. Granite he

is a fucking moron. It is ‘legal’ to take lobbyist cash, & this

idiot does it in traceable stone. It is ‘one way’ to get stoned

GOOD. Down with the bad trash. He deserves all the scorn


Yet, it seems on the other side of the isle, Turd Cruz tried a

“Fart-a-buster” yet again. But not understanding they only

need a hand full of votes to bring it up for a vote. IDIOT!!!

Then other Republican’s will vote no. He doesn’t even get

how governance fucking works. But now he decided to let

his bigot train run wild. He added an “Anti-Gay Marriage”

amendment to a bill. He believes in “states rights”. Oh yes

the same EXACT argument FOR slavery. Nope, was wrong

(Add Mitch)

then, it’s wrong now…as they continue the long toilet slide

The TeaOP does “more” to elect Dems people then they do

RIP-Sid Caesar, all the sketch world tips our hat to you sir

Monday: Idaho, & Kansas Un-Civil Right Act Against gays

Have a weekend!

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