The Super “Bong” Bowl…

January 31st, 2014

Two teams, two great systems, the best D versus the best O, and

two cities where they feel the “need for weed”. It’s a “Super Bowl

(daaa, daaa daaaaaa)

packed nice, & tight. Will you be watching with friends, or with a

special someone? I will either be with family if the weather holds

up, or with my Sonja. Either way ya need to be ready for 3 things

1) “Snacks” at Super Bowl are the cats tits so load up on all of em

2) Don’t block the TV, your ass makes a better door than window

3) No matter who wins, Bruno Mars is overrated and “sucks balls”

(mile high baby)

My prediction is the Bronco’s. Manning is the highest football IQ

QB I’ve ever seen in my life. The Seahawks D is amazing, BUT if

anyone can read a D, it’s Peyton. Buckle up bitches, it’s sooo ON!

Unless Mother Nature decides to be a bitch & they move the date

Have a weekend!

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