New York Republican Michael Grimm did a quick interview. By “quick”, I

mean, he left when asked about campaign finance fraud then came back

(“you asked me that?!?!”)

on camera threatening to throw the NY1 reporter “off the fucking balcony”

Classy guy; and I think we just heard his career landing on the floor below

Michael Grimm was in “hurry” & could only talk SOTU until he came back:

“If you ever do that to me again, I’ll throw you off this FUCKING
balcony. You’re not man enough. I’ll break you in half. Like a boy”

Well, things look Grimm, & he’s had many anger issues before this. At one

point after winning, he refused to accept his opponents concession call w/:

“have no respect for him as a man, a person or anything…he disgraced himself”

No, no anger issues at all right there. Didn’t see a lot of news coverage on

this much. Also didn’t see anyone referring to him as a “thug”. Umm, odd

(“now I kill you”)

Remember when Sea Hawk Sherman was passionate after the game?!?!?!

Guess that’s only allowed for “black people” who yell loudly in our society

Well, he’ll be shit canned fast. Directly afterwards he came out, and stood

behind his words. Now after seeing it did the fake apology to save himself

He’s toast, & the best advertising for the Democratic party & progressives

Perkins Pathetically Pricky Prose

Did you know the rich people are like “Jews” in Nazi Germany during the

horrific “Kristallnacht”? Well, Tom Perkins thinks so, & wrote it in a WSJ

(“I’m pure evil”)

op-ed or “letter”. Classy guy. When ever you see ‘Godwin’s Law’, it means

they lost the debate/argument on it’s merits. He then did the usual “fake”

apology every “wealthy conservative”, or TeaOP’er does every single time

by saying, “I misspoke, but the meaning was clear”. See, what they are all

saying is, “I offended you with my true feelings, so let me walk it back, by

just basically meaning the exact same thing I already said then”. They will

never change. They just won’t…ever. Tom is little more than an economic

sociopath totally detached from ‘all’ of society. He is also an evil vile lying

(bull, fucking, shit)

thunder prick totally divorced from reality. Being disliked for abusing all

of society to obtain obscene unfettered wealth at the expense of 99% of us

is NOT the same as genocide in WWII. Not now, not ever you silly old fart

He’s just “Thurston Howell the Turd” wondering why everyone hates him

Just grab a mirror, you lecherous shit stain on the wall of life. He’s NUTS

Right Wing “Fake Outrage” Executive Order Amnesia

The right wing hate has now ‘officially’ collected some consequences now

When you keep telling Obama to fuck off, he’ll just use Executive Orders


to do it himself. And the loud insane partisan hypocrisy couldn’t be more

delicious. They all scream, “You’re a dictator in using EO’s you evil king!”

Forget W Bush used 291 Executive Orders, while Reagan used 381 of em

mention those simple basic facts & watch their heads collectively explode

Obama used 168 so far. The least in modern history next to Bush senior

who only served one TERM ending with 166. The entire country has had

enough of you ‘shitting’ on all of us, obstructing, abusing, & acting like a

(oh, fuck off)

modern fucking Klan rally at political events. DONE, OVER, FINISHED

your shouts will be louder, tears saltier & stupidity way more astounding

It’s over; & all ends badly. If you want the reason, again grab that mirror

Only then… see the the root cause of every problem you’ve ever had

You’re Republican. Fuck personal responsibility, it’s all the ni**ers fault

The election of 2008 did one great thing. It unearthed this ‘pure racism’

Have a day!

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