Big Talk, & Rebut-holes…

January 29th, 2014

Obama gave his 5th SOTUS address. Wait, we still do these now?!

I thought we just had an animatron spew platitudes about Mercia

(a robot?!?!)

The first 10 minutes were more of the same old “it is an important

debate to have” (we already had it, you were elected twice idiot) &

the usual “I’m eager to work with all of you”. THEY ALL FUCKING

HATE YOU dude. You don’t seem to understand that Republicans

will never work with you, or help, or do anything ever. But, then I

realized something “strange” in the next 45 minutes of the speech

he basically said, “If you won’t work with me, as I have tried to do

again, and again, and again, I say fuck you Jo Boo…I do it myself”

Yes I channeled Major League’s Pedro Cerrano. He has pulled the

(swing away)

“Fuck it, let’s just start doing shit”. He isn’t running for relection

and he doesn’t fucking care what assholes think anymore. THAT,

is what was needed before. And now he’s elected again, so it’s on

By “on” I mean, “meh, they won’t help me do fucking anything”

He threatened to use his “Executive Authority” pen and raise the

minimum wage, fix immigration, and create jobs. Since all those

‘obstructionist asshole’ Republican’s will NEVER allow “anything”

(true hero)

positive to pass, it’s over. No more “let’s be friends” bullshit, that

ship sailed. This is fucking “political war” now, & take no prisoners

I could be wrong, but that tone last night was not “friendly”, that

was, “I’m fuckin here for the next 4 years to kick ass & chew gum

and I don’t own any gum. So if you don’t help, it’s your ass being

kicked…all you hateful obstructionist bigot assholes”. So we’ll see

SOTU Re-butholes

There were 4 different SOTU “rebuttals” all with their own flavor

of batshitcrazy. Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers was ‘tagged’

(collection of jackasses)

to give the “official” response. It was no “Kennith from 30 Rock”

like Bobby Jindal, or Marco “Water Bottle” Rubio. It was this big

jingoistic jibberjabber. She literally said NOTHING of substance

No policy, no solutions(just pray to god), no content, no specifics

Just platitude, & lies. She’s Palin 5.0, & a ‘self loathing bullshiter’

In a clear attempt to pander for women voters she isn’t for them

She seems like a nice women, but aside from saying, “He sucks”

There was nothing but ‘flag waving’. No “substance”, aside from,

(Palin 5.0)

“Elect us, & we’ll get out of your way making sure to do nothing”

last I check they’re already doing that today with horrific results

Then there was Rand “Squirrel Nest Head” Paul who decided to

spew the Libertarian nonsense of “Invoke St. Reagan”, & big lies

like “our federal government is way too BIG”, even though it has

shrank drastically under Obama. Paul knows this, but when will

they let facts or economic reality get in the way? Then the ‘fidiot’

asked, “where are the jobs”? So name one jobs bill Republican’s

(that’s a lot of pity)

offered? What’s that, NONE?! No shit? And you shits shot down

every jobs bill presented from the Senate to date. What assholes

Then is was Utah “Tea Party Republican” Mike Lee’s turn. He was

loud & stupid. Literally the exact same as last years Paul speech

They only want to repeal the ACA, then “impeach the black guy”

Sadly, that’s not solutions, policy, or anything other than HATE

They are now simply the shit stains on the underwear of politics

And like chunky stool being plunged & flushed, they circle down

Tomorrow: The Pure Evil Of Tom Perkins, & Grimm Threats

Have a day!

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