TeaOP’er are currently like a 34 year old still touching the stove

They never learn. Not now, not ever. N-E-V-E-R. For if they did

(yes they are)

the world as we know it could ‘move forward’ into a great era of

facts, data, science, economics, history, internet, & reality itself

Republican’s aren’t a political party anymore. They’re well paid

extortionists for the top 2%, who don’t ‘think’ they have enough

Awwww, poor wealthy people. Let’s shut down our government

to stop all those “minority” parasites from “suckling at the teat”

Perhaps Mitch “Tippey Turtle” McConnell thinks it’s August of

2013. It’s not. You did this, you lost, and will lose even worse if

(yes, where are the jobs?)

that’s even possible. Mitch demands the Keystone XL pipeline

for, paying our fucking bills. Um I got this a counter offer, how

about, FUCK YOU, or EAT SHIT, or “you turds are all FIRED!”

Does that sound good? You sure? Ok, I will run that up the old

flagpole for you all to enjoy *Republican speaking out his anus*

Tomorrow: State of The Onion, Wait The Union

Have a day!

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