It seems Obama wanted to say, “Now look, I know the NSA

is spying on all American’s, which is ‘unconstitutional’, but

(yes, nice work)

come on…trust me!”. That’s his basic pitch. No, it’s fucking

wrong. It’s like an Italian guy not making any argument at

all, but ending with “Come on!!!!!!!! Trust me, it will work”

Even The Batman in a fucking fiction flick knew enough to

destroy it. Too much “power”, & power like that will always

be abused. I need to see specifics in order to trust someone

And then, I expect them to break their promise at any turn

Meh, I’m hopeful, but not stupid. End the domestic spying

The Loud Anus Spewith

This will destroy Republican’s at the polls for the next fifty

years. Kevin O’Leary, one of the co-hosts on “Shark Tank”

(“I’m a cuntpunter”)

decided to state the “dumbest”, most “detached”, hatefully

insane views on Republican economics. A host on a Money

Show decided to point to an Oxfam study which indicated:

“85 individuals own more than 3.5 Billion people”. WOW

THAT is “staggeringly untenable income inequality” there

His response to this fact was the stuff from talking anus’s:

“This is fantastic news, & of course I’m going to applaud it”

Ending w/this insane gem, “What can be wrong with this?”

(please do it)

The host Lang, asked if he honestly believed that someone

living in Africa making about buck a day could realistically

aspire to be as wealthy as ‘Bill Gates’. His answer is pukey:

“That’s the motivation…(they) need”. Economic sociopath

Thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes, you all rock!

Have a day!

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