Seattle Seahawk’s versus the Denver Bronco’s. That’s a tasty

match-up right there. But something, “Pretty Tasteless” was

(“king of the world!”)

shouted from Richard Sherman. What he said was “all ego”:

“I’m the best corner in the game! When you try me with a sorry receiver
like Crabtree, that’s what you’re going to get. Don’t you ever talk about me!”

BUT, that is the NFL of today. Chest puffing, big talking for

all to see. He’s immature, & ‘last I checked’ being an asshole

has nothing to do with race. But some’ll make it about ‘race’

It’s not. It was about unsportsmanship, and loud ignorance

Face it, his “antics” might draw a flag in the super bowl that

cost them the game at the worst time. But it’s all about a big

loud guy popping off in sports. Not the 1st time, nor the last

Ahem, *points to all sports smack talkers*, remember Ali?!

My ACA Experience

I have to honestly tell you, it’s not a big deal at all. Not at all

It took me about 7-8 minutes to “sign up”. I will say some of

the questions got repetetive, but nothing abusive or too wild

(not perfect, but not evil)

The key for me was this. But make sure to use the “subsidies”

section/offerings. Almost everyone will qualify for some kind

of help. Other than that I went through it using both. When I

didn’t sign up for the “subsidies” section all the options were

terrible. They did Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. So the

lowest one was at $157 per month, & covered jack & shit. You

were 60% covered with a high deductible. The bottom line is

if you don’t qualify for the subsidies you’re making enough $

to have a better plan already, so keep it(or take the new one)

Your experiences my vary but all the glitches BS talk is gone

Pennsylvania Republican Needs Racism Back Baby!

(R) TeaOP’er Rep. Gordon Denlinger, on MLK day, proposed

the “Freedom of Conscience Amendment”. They all love usin’

(“hi, I’m a racist pos”)

that word, “freedom”. What they mean is “freedom to always

discriminate against YOU”. His, ‘amendment’ would allow all

“employers, store owners, realtors, motel managers, etc.”, the

ability to, “DENY jobs, groceries, homes or rooms to anyone”

deemed to be “offending their beliefs”. I could not make this

insane shit up if I tried. It seems the GOP now has this ‘new’

plank added to it’s platform: “So let’s just repeal the CRA of

1964 using the states so racism may flourish again!!!!!!!!!!!!”

(truth stings)

So being a national embarrassment to society isn’t a big deal

At least tryin’ for new Jim Crow makes them massively racist

And how many Republican’s will denounced it?!?!? N-O-N-E

Tomorrow: It’s my birthday, I’m only 107. Obama NSA trust?

Have a day!

7 Responses to “Sherman Shout, ACA, & Racism 5.0?”

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