The “Stoned” Hero?!?

January 21st, 2014

Pamela Raintree did something pretty cool. She went into a

city counsel meeting in Shreveport, Louisiana, and “directly

(“go ahead asshole”)

confronted” councilman Ron Webb in a moving speech here

“Leviticus 20:13 states, ‘If a man lie also with mankind as
he lieth with a woman, they shall surely put him to death.’
I brought the 1st stone Mr. Webb, in case that your Bible
talk isn’t just a smoke screen for personal prejudices.”

BOOM! That is how you deliver an ‘equal protection speech’

Webb withdrew his “Fariness Ordinance” which would now

allow discrimination against the LGBT community. It seems

even his ignorant hate has its limits. So, let he who is w/o sin

(face of hate)

cast the 1st stone. Not many stones being thrown in the town

Afterall if you just want to use an old book to rationalize hate

There a ‘ton’ better to choose from: Ferinheight 451, 1984, or

Catch 22. All offer a world free from rational thought& reason

Tomorrow: My ACA Sign Up Experience(sorry shoot today)

Have a day!

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