Republican David Vitter wants poor people to “feel more shame”

What a classy ass hat he is. He wants poor people to now have to

(“Hi, I’m a prick”)

present ID for any groceries they buy. You know publicly shame

them. Forget for the “older poor” others go out to buy their food

for them often as they can’t get out. He wants SNAP users to get

an ID card. Forget many of these again are older, or because they

are fucking poor, and don’t HAVE AN ID because they’re “poor”

They would be denied food for failure to produce ID. This is not

anything more than trying to hurt poor like their “Voting Rights”

BS hate they all use. No fraud, just hurting the group they ‘hate’

It’s MLK day, and if his name was “Martin Ignatius Luther King”

(“Racists have tiny dicks”)

we’d be celebrating MILK day. Think about it. I had a dream, &

it was that every American would have the day off. Boom I have

been to the mountain tops to see the bald spots on heads of hair

MLK was a great civil rights leader, & he was ‘affiliated’ with NO

party. But Republican’s always do what they do best. Be a racist,

and then “LIE” about it. In fact, MLK has some ‘VERY’ interesting

factually accurate & condemning words on the Republican party:

“The Republican Party geared its appeal & program to racism, reaction, &
extremism. All people of goodwill viewed with alarm & concern the frenzied
wedding at the Cow Palace of the KKK with the radical right. The “best man”
at this ceremony was a senator whose voting record, philosophy, & program
were anathema to all the hard-won achievements of the past decade”

It seems king knew right away their end game even 60 years ago

Meh, their hate’s losing on all fronts, & they all have no where to

hide any longer. Seems being a racist asshole isn’t very “popular”

President Potsie?!?!

These are Happy Day’s indeed all around the world for all of us

The President thinks Weed is like booze. Well, it’s actually ‘less’

(light it up!)

destructive or harmful to the human body, & you never hear of

a guy “all weeded up” going on shooting spree, or violent streak

Why? They’re fucking stoned. The most energy they want to use

is hitting the “reload” button on their COD AR-15 or spanking it

into a fresh tube sock. Shit, weed isn’t even as damaging to your

lungs as cigarettes. But no one cares when they all got ‘hunches’

and big guesses. So comes the ol “it’s a gateway drug”. Ah, no it

is not. It’s a drug, & some people are addicts. So they will be an

(nice cereal, dude)

addict with ANYTHING, & is not the norm user by any ‘means’

Weed will be legalized soon & will be a huge revenue generator

We will look back on these times with such sadness at the total

insanity or non-facts based babble bullshit. But all these people

have always existed in society screaming, “stop”. Ah, no thanks

Tomorrow: My ACA Sign Up Feedback For You

Have a day & a dream!

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