They think this is a fucking game. They think our lives, our country

economy, & our government is one big ass game to play with people

(and we know why)

Mitch “Turtle Cock” McConnell and Rand “Teaturd” Paul were just

“caught” before an interview on camera saying THIS to each other:

Rand(off mic): “Do you have a second?!”
Mitch: “I’m all wired up here. Ahhm”
Rand: “I just went on CNN, and I just go over & over again ‘we’re willing
to compromise, ‘we’re willing to negotiate’, I don’t think they poll tested
‘We won’t negociate’, I think it’s awful for them to say that over & over”
Mitch: “Yeah, I do too, & I just came back from the two hour meeting
with him, and it was basically the same view privately as it was publicly”
Rand: “I think if we keep saying ‘we wanted to defund it we fought for
that, but now we’re willing to compromise on this’, I think they can’t…
………….I know we don’t want to be here, we’re gonna win this I think”

I mean sure, if anything the TeaOP has been SOOOO reasonable up

to even the point when you fucking insane assholes SHUT the entire

GOVERNMENT down for partisan political reasons. No. There have

(“we’re lying evil pricks”)

only been 18 US Government shut downs in our history. And of the

18, not ONE was ever due to “defunding” or “delaying” a LAW that

was passed 3 years prior. Not ONE! Almost all except Carters were

based on Presidential Veto’s or new legislative items. If they are SO

worried about saving tax payers money, this “big ass” shut down is

costing us 12. 5 million per hour. Nice. Not fiscal, not conservative,

just totally fucking nuts. These people aren’t on this fucking planet

Basically this is the” TeaOP” nationally screaming, “You elected us,

and we can not fucking govern if we do not get our way every single

time”. That’s NOT a representative Democracy, it’s extortion and a

(“I’m fired”)

form of economic terrorism with a government budget as a weapon

You want to know how this all ends? Let me tell you. TeaOP CAVES

badly realizing their big donors are massively ‘PISSED’ at them now

According to a CBS poll, ‘80%‘ say they think doing “A Government

shut down” to get their goals is unacceptable, with only 16% saying

it is. Geeee, I wonder what party those 16% of insane fucking idiots

belong too? Look, this politically ends badly for the TeaOP, but like

everything else in government, they don’t got a fucking remote clue

The entire American public is PISSED OFF at these insane assholes,

and have every reason to be. When you fuck something up, and it’s

your god damn fault, it really takes “balls to blame someone else 4

your hateful actions. But that is what Republican’s do. They…do…

(Well, yes)

not…fucking…care. Let me explain the nonlogic right here from the

screaming, shit eating, taint munching, assfuck dick bag prick faces:

“You passed a law I lied about that morons in my party that I ‘created’
hate. You did it legally, fair, and used the governmental process to do
it. It was upheld by the Constitution, & it passed 3 years ago. So guess
what?!?! FUCK off. Get RID of it now or we blow up the entire place”

Now when that is your starting position, there is nothing to negotiate

here. It’d be like a town passing this law to have a public rose garden,

so as a sitting member on the board I decided to try ‘this’ option out:

(Yes, this)

“Um, so I get to dig up the rose garden destroying it, or I burn the entire
town down. Well……I sat in the town chamber but nobody showed up to
negotiate. The towns leaders are such egotistical tyrants that they would
rather let the town burn down than see the rose garden dug up. They just
don’t care for other people, only themselves. How selfish of them all!!!!!”

You just witnessed the DEATH of the Republican party in real time;

So the new mantel of the Tea Party is now officially running the GOP

agenda. They will never, ever, win another national election in my life

And my kids, and there kids, and their kids, will never forget this shit

Have a day!

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