Bears Fans, & “Stalk”

September 20th, 2013

If you’re a Chicago Bears fan like me, you know we’re now 2-0

And that means exactly “jack” & “shit” in the long term. Sure,

(Throat Sausage!!!)

we had 2 great come from behind wins, but that doesn’t make

a season. And now people around here are saying, “Heeey, we

could go 3-0 then it’s Super Bowl talk time”. *record scratch*

NO, settle down there you crazy coked up critters. 2-0 is good

and yes we MAY win, but Pittsburgh has to win that game or it

is “Bye Bye” season for them. Hell, we could be a good team, &

good things can happen, but settle down cool-aid drinkers. It


can all come cashing down like Tiger’s tail to a Brady’s house

of cards. One game at a time, nothing more. We shall see then

Stalk Book-Tween Terror

Full disclosure, I know the author of a book “Stalk”. He is a

great guy named Allen Rubens. Solid ad guy who worked w/

(Pick it up!)

my Sonja. He wrote a mind bendingly creepy ride for tweens

called Stalked. How far will you go to keep your family from

an evil force hell bent on taking them? So buckle up bitches!

If you want your kid reading a fun, exciting, scary, & thrillin’

book, this is it. Shit, you just want your kid “reading” period

don’t you? Well this doesn’t disappoint. Normally don’t plug

books here, but when I read them, & they’re great, I’ll tell ya
(If you like Stalked he also wrote Beyond 101 which is great)

Monday: GTA 5 Broke More Records Than Ike Turner

Have a weekend!

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