Holy shit, what won’t they bend history or reality or overtly lie about?

The answer: fucking nothing. If they already haven’t, give them some

(Ha, sucker!)

time and they will. Republican’s today are under the impression that

MLK would love being a Republican today. Forget they called him, a

“Commie”, & hated his fucking guts. But now that he was shot dead,

he’s a registered Republican. Fact is, he didn’t endorse either party,

and that he was an independent. Forget that literally ‘everything’ he

stood for is the the exact ‘opposite’ of what the Tea Party does. They

(or Moron Area)

hate equal rights, he loved them, they hate the poor, he loved them,

they loved to suck bankers dicks, he hated that. They wouldn’t know

basic history if it sat on their faces & wiggled. Meh, again, they’re a

party that is officially dead. In 2014, they will split into super crazy,

& mildly super crazy never to be heard from again. Sad but expected

Have a kick ass four day weekend! If you have to work, we love you!

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