Bill O’Really knows MLK would love FOX, & be ‘horrified’ with

(“You can’t explain it”)

the entire black community. And if anyone knows all about the,

“Black Community”, it’s got to be Bill & FOX news. As we come

upon the 50th anniversary of his “I have a dream” speech, Billo

knows for a fact that Dr. King would be a “FOX News viewer”, &

knows that Dr. King would NEVER approve of any “Civil Rights
movement…….that continues to blame American society for the
problems encountered by blacks………..rather than encouraging
personal responsibility, as a way to achieve individual success”

What a big assbag. Personal responsibility is vital; just as social

justice, fairness, & equity all are, for ALL races!!! MLK stuck up

(no you can’t)

for the poor. Bills audience’s visceral response is “Fuck the poor”

Listening to this man or anyone on FOX regarding race realities

it like taking reading classes with a blind dyslexic illiterate drunk

is like getting good parenting advice from a “Cigarette Machine”

MLK’s ENTIRE mantra was peaceful, just society treating every

one equal, & the “content of our character”. That’s so fucking far

(who hates gays, blacks, etc)

past what FOX’s old stupid racist audience the old fucker had to

blatantly lie to them. They’re literally moron ignorant for having

listening to that old fart spew nonsense not at all based in reality

Have a day!

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