Zimmerman-Racists “Hero”

August 27th, 2013

What if you were charged with murder, but were acquitted?!?!

Well, the 1st thing I’d do is go the gun manufacture of my gun

(Gutless POS)

To pose for a wonderful “pic”! George Zimmerman isn’t doing

himself any favors, & still seems to be the internets new racist

hero. What a guy. His lawyers aren’t very ‘happy’ with George

Saying, “We understand how George visiting the factory that
produces the gun used to shoot Martin is seen as inappropriate”

You think?!?!? Well not for hard core racists. They thinks it is

just “Jim Dandy Roof Candy”. I’ll warn you, this clip has some

(clearly still around)

of the most vile racist White Supremacist fuckbags ever on the

internet. Racists can come in all sizes, shapes, or colors. Being

racist isn’t statistically just limited to one race. But all the cold

stats recently, show that “anti-black bias hate crimes” happen

70% of the time. Of the 8,208 hate crimes reported to the FBI

in 2010, 48% were race related¬† –¬† with 70% of those having an

“anti-black bias”. According to the FBI, the offenders of “Hate

Crimes” are as follows: 62.4% were White, 18.5% were Black &

7.3% were various races, with 1% being Native Indian. So here’s


how you know they’re racist piles of shit. When they try to state

that “black on white” hate crime is higher. That is because they

want to “conflate” the debate making it about “defending” them

selves from the evil black thugs. As a “white guy”, they’re full of

shit, and “overtly racist”. Call them out on these facts. They will

run from them, or they will start spewing their hate. Either way

shine a light on it. Then the world can know them truly for what

they are, & weigh them accordingly. They need the shadows, and

will use them. Because in the nice light of day, the world can now

(racism in action)

treat them like the stupid, tiny, vile racist “Fuck Clowns” they are

Zimmerman, & his defenders taking racial glee at the death of an

unarmed 17 year old by lauding the weapon is disgusting. And my

prediction: George will die by his own hands within the next three

years. When you’re as monumentally dumb as him. It is only time

Have a day!

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